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Our Mission

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         To provide the greater Ottawa area rapid solutions to pressing electrical needs and upgrades. Further, to ensure PowerCore’s client base with dependable certified service in the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional sectors. Virtually to grow into the new, challenging future of the electrical services industry.

         PowerCore Electric Inc. is a competent, full service provider with the customer’s priorities firmly at the forefront. Conscientious consideration from professional, qualified, fully insured staff ranging from Master Electrician to Apprentice. Whether the challenge includes instant emergency repair or planned preventative maintenance solutions; PowerCore Electric stands ready. Strict observation to Health and Safety standards is critical to PowerCore's work philosophy. Diligent achievers of the “IHSA small business safety certificate”, P.C.E.’s commitment to continued education is paramount.

        PowerCore Electric’s twenty four hour emergency service can handle the challenge no matter the situation. From initial assessment to completion of the job, P.C.E. brings the options. Throughout the task professional consultation is merely a phone call away. Detailed prompt quotations can be customised to best service unique requirements. P.C.E. works equally well in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional settings.